Indian head massage

IHM is particularly effective in treating stress-related conditions where tension can show as stiffness in the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Eye strain and even hair loss can be signs of stress and applying massage to the above mentioned areas including the head can help to reduce muscular tension and stimulate circulation. Balancing the energy flow can help rejuvenate the body, resulting in feelings of calm and relaxation. 

Indian Head Massage has also been shown to help with sinusitis, tinnitus, headaches and insomnia.

Indian head massage

The Westernised version of Indian Head Massage incorporates the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, scalp, ears and face. Although massage is only applied through clothing to these specific areas, potentially the whole body can feel benefits providing a truly holistic therapy. 

In a typical session, you will be seated and fully clothed and asked to remove your shoes. For your own comfort, it is suggested you wear a cotton T-shirt. Following your consultation, oils specifically chosen for your skin/hair type will be used (optional) in your massage.

This ancient healing system of Ayurveda, which has been practiced for thousands of years in India, incorporates Indian Head Massage as a treatment to help release blockages within the energy flow around the body, returning it to its natural well-being state.

In India babies are massaged every day from birth to keep baby healthy and happy. This tradition has been passed through the generations and head massage forms an integral part of family life and is even practiced on street corners and beaches.


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  • £35 for 1 hour