Reduce stress, anxiety and back pain with effective aromatherapy & complementary treatments

Clinic in West Kirby

Stress, anxiety, tension and a hectic lifestyle can lead to aches and pains and feeling overwhelmed. This can negatively impact our physical and mental health.

Learning how to manage our stress levels is the first step to improving our physical and mental wellbeing.

Massaging tense, aching, painful muscles, helps release endorphins and safely eliminates toxins and blockages (physical and emotional) which may have built up over several months or even years.

Back pain, stiff achey muscles, nervous tension, stress & anxiety can be treated very effectively with Aromatherapy massage. Profound effects include deep relaxation, better sleeping patterns, increased energy and improvement in health and wellbeing.

Upper back/shoulder pain, sinusitis, tinnitus, eye strain and headaches can be alleviated with an Indian Head Massage, a fully clothed, seated massage.

For a deeper massage, Hot Stones can help reduce inflammation in the joints, such as arthritis and help boost circulation.

Suffering with problem skin? For glowing radiant skin, restore your natural beauty with our Facial Skincare & Massage. You can be assured that your skin receives the best care, providing you with healthy and nourished skin.

Nourishing your body from the outside is as important as our inner health and that’s why I only use certified organic skincare products and oils in all my treatments.

During your consultation, Angela will guide you to the best treatment for you, ensuring you leave feeling relaxed, nurtured and supported.